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Friday, November 6, 2009

Infrared Photo

Text on Image

Richard Avedon

1.This picture taken by Richard Avedon, is a interesting picture.
2. The movement in the picture keeps your eyes moving around and not just on one area.
3. Also, the fact that it was taken in black and white and the wardrobe that is worn in this picture helps show around what time period this was taken. 

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sabastiao Salgado

1. He was a Brazilian social documentary photographer.
2. This picture shows good contrast as well as a dramatic scene that captures the eye very well.
3. The fact that it is in black and white makes it seem like its from an older time period.

Minor White

1. This photo portrays a very nice contrast. The barn shows extra dark against the clear white sky.
2. Went to the U of M.
3. Served military intelligence during WW2 before moving to New York City. 

Edward Weston

1. Austrailian photographer, clothing designer, and buisnesswoman.
2. Describes herself as a 'Baby Freak"
3. I feel a very relaxed emotion coming from this baby sleeping on the soft dog. 

Anne Geddes

1. Austrailian photographer, clothing designer, and buisnesswoman.
2. Describes herself as a 'Baby Freak"
3. I feel a very relaxed emotion coming from this baby sleeping on the soft dog. 

Lois Greenfield

1. Made famous by her ability to capture human form in motion.
2. This shows such incredible timing and captures perfectly the flying of individuals.
3. Lois studied filmaking at Brandeis University. 

Ansel Adams

This picture taken by Ansel Adams is a very interesting photo. I like that it was taken up close of the flower with the wood background. It shows two different textures put together to make a great photo. The black and white makes it very elegant. 

Man Ray

This picture taken by Man Ray definitely shows emotion. Just the zoomed up shot of her eyes and nose with the "tears" coming down shows sadness.  I like how the picture is in black and white, also. It makes it look like its sort of from an older time. 

Lee Friedlander

This photograph is a self portrait. The photo portrays a way of mystery.  Theres a lot of shadow in it and the photo is shot in black and white. 

Gordon Parks

I think that this picture shows a lot of emotion. First, looking at the mother on the bed, it looks like she has a lot of pain or she has struggle. It somewhat looks like her little boy is the only thing thats keeping her from breaking down completely and keeping her going. I like the choice of black and white and how it focuses on only the mother and the son.

Edward Curtis

1. He has the worlds largest copper photogravure plate collection.
2. His work mainly consists of Native Americans.
3. This photo shows a good representation of Indian culture.

Dorothea Lange

This picture taken by Dorthea Lange, shows a sense of diversity. With the black and white color of the pictures and the lighting with the blank background, has you focus on the hands and the message that is trying to be sent.

Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz catches so much emotion in her pictures such as this one with Miley Cyrus. She is a noted American portrait photographer. This picture shows a side of a young girl letting down her guard into becoming a woman. It portrays a lot of emotion from the facial expressions to the lighting and color scheme.

Walker Evans

1. This photo portrays a very common family of the late 1930's. During this time familys were struggling to get by, often living in close quarters.
2. It makes you feel sorry yet reminds you to not take for granted your nice life.
3. There is a nice contrast of texture, light and shaddow throughout the image.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jim Brandenburg

Jim Brandenburg

1. Born in Luverne, Minnesota. Went to UMD.
2. Established a unique style of nature photography.
3. Jim had a 25 year tenure with National Geographic. Taking 300 rolls of film, only for maybe a dozen to get picked.

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Design Workbook
This picture shows the line element.

This picture shows the element of shape:

Sky and Water I print

This picture shows texture:

This shows color:

This image shows value:

This image shows form:

This shows space:


This image shows contrast:

This picture shows emphasis:

This shows balance:

This shows repitition:

This shows pattern:

This shows rhythm:

This shows Movement:

This shows variety:

This shows Unity:


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